Advantages of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Businesses

Adapting to improving technologies is very important and highly necessary too. Perceived as the future of technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual reality is highly making their ways beyond boundaries. Entrepreneurs and marketers can be seen switching to augmented reality for stabilization and to increase businesses higher further. Many software’s and applications are available in the market to adopt augmented reality. In-house tools are also developed and marketed for the same.

Virtual reality is a technology that replicates a reality that stimulates the user's presence and helps for interaction despite of location of the business or the user. With virtual reality, users are delighted with real experience of voice, touch, hear or even sense sometimes.

Augmented reality is nothing but delivery of a business's information into a motion format to buyers and users. Bringing a reality view of the products and services makes a user more interactive and helps to engage with the business. Positive result driven outcomes are sure for a business that deploys augmented reality.

Advantages of Augmented Reality (AR) :

  1. Cost-cutting :  Being one of most adoptive technology methods, augmented reality really works well at places like spending money on various things but finalization need to be done for a single one. AR vitally supports for business that involves man power in delivering a product/demo to the customer to their location. Businesses like real estate, e-commerce, digital marketing, business meetings & conferences etc.
  2. Increase user interaction: AR can bring out more experience and feedbacks from users when handled professionally. Making a user more engaging is highly important to educate them regarding the business. Provisions for interaction i.e. call-to-action or with a simple form-filling delights a user.
  3. Improve brand reputation: Having a positive reputation among users helps to improve the business in terms of ROI, brand value & market reach. Several businesses are implementing augmented reality to help customers increase their business value and revenue depending on the nature of vendor and the donor.
  4. Advantages of Virtual Reality (VR)

  5. Realistic scenario: This is one that happens like in-front of us in reality. Delivering the need to a user creates a better impression on the brand about the business to them.
  6. Training & presentations: These days providing training or a presentation involves a lot of process from planning, travelling to the location, scheduling etc. Having a technology like virtual reality is definitely an advantage to the mentors & hosts. Giving a presentation or training to people now happens with virtual reality. i.e., can be of LIVE or be a recorded one to use any time.
  7. Effortless execution: Virtual reality can be adopted by any one with minimum expertise. More productivity can be seen from virtual reality, since it can be safely handled with little/no risk experience.
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