What is Offshore Development Centre model & why businesses should opt for it?

“Outsourcing is a competitive necessity in the era of e-business & India is by far the largest and most mature environment for setting up offshore development centre.” - states a recent survey

An offshore development centre (ODC) is a dedicated software development centre that helps you to outsource all components essential for an ideal software development. Offshore Development Centre (ODC) model is the most opted business model for companies of all sizes as they can leverage offshore talent and develop reliable, high-quality solutions with reduced operational expenses and increased productivity.

ODC model takes cares of all the aspects of development right from infrastructure, building & recruitment to successful development, completion & maintenance of your projects. Thus, ODC model enables you to have a control over the human resource as well as the technical infrastructure of the company & complete your project on time successfully.

How does ODC model benefits companies?

  • You do not have to worry about investing in hiring, training and infrastructure costs as the service provider will handle those thus reducing overall operational expenses.
  • Your project, your team – Get access to well-trained, highly skilled & experienced man power.
  • ODC’s transparent process helps you to retain full management control over your projects.
  • Reduced development cycle thus increasing overall productivity speed and faster to market.
  • Flexible and round-the-clock working hours according to your time-zone.
  • By opting for ready to launch Offshore Development Team you can save up to 40% cost and a very valuable thing of yours - time.

With a successful track record of 12+ years, a dedicated team of 200+ professionals and 14+ global locations with local account management support, we @ ANGLER offer Client centric, unique Virtual Offshore Development Centre (VODC) services that brings you the best of India Advantage – Cost saving, Quality & Reliability.

ANGLER aims to be your long-term offshore partner. Know more about our various outsourcing business models, get quote from us, partner with us and start developing your projects successfully. Happy Outsourcing!

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