B2C Portal Development


The client is a hardware retailer.They is main distributors for SEIKO Precision and Copy Trax Technologies for Printers and ATEN for Network Hardware. Recently, they have been approved as resellers for CISCO, 3Com, Mailgate and Sophos to boost their network presence and provide  a wider range  of choice. Their main line of business is providing Printers and Network hardware to Computer resellers.


The Client wanted a B2C portal implemented to build an organized and effective way to facilitate the Administrator to control and maintain all products and its information online in the webshop and allow users to order online. The products will be listed in a page. The users can place the order by selecting the Products using shopping cart and this will be integrated with payment gateway.

What We Did

ANGLER provided the customized application to suit the client needs:

  • The user can register the details in online
  • They can purchase the products through  payment gateway
  • Admin can maintain the product details in excel sheet offline
  • Excel sheet will have the pre-defined columns like Category, Subcategory, Part no., Price and discount details
  • This Excel sheet can be uploaded in this module
  • On successful upload, the application will parse the fields and store  in the website for online display
  • If Admin wants to add more product details, he can append with the excel sheet offline and then can be re-upload
  • Administrator can maintain discount rate details
  • Administrator can view Reports based on pre-defined criteria
  • Website users can search their interested products through Search Engines
  • Website Users can view the available products in the Product Gallery

Technology Used



  • Users can create the products online
  • Admin can track orders and provide a special discount for special users
  • Can update the status of the orders online.
  • Can upload the products using Excel sheet instead of entering  each and every product  online
  • Can maintain stock details
  • Can maintain users

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